Thursday, March 7, 2013

pool house cleaning

Dear Family, it is our quarter to clean the pool house. The plan is to meet at 6:30 this Monday the 11th. Bring whoever you think will help. There are some cleaning supplies there but if you have any cleaning supplies like rags, steamers, brooms and so forth. We will see you on Monday.

Thanks Jason

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Family,

First of all, we have to thank you for all the gifts you sent with Jordan!  We have been having so much fun with him and the kids love him.  What we didn't expect was a whole table full of presents!  Thank you for all your thoughtful gifts and the many many cards from all the cousins welcoming Jane into the family.  You made our day and made us feel so special and loved, thank you!!!

I know I haven't sent many pictures, but we just had Jane's pictures taken and I just got the link from the friend of ours who took here's the link and the password so all of you aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents can see what a little doll she is :)

password: 0712

(You'll notice that sadly there aren't any pics of Ammon and Noah with Jane...Ammon was at work and Noah...well, he's just Noah and there was no way he was going to let someone take his picture!)

Love you all so much and we can't wait to see you in November!

Ammon, Natalie, Noah, Elizabeth, and Jane

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stephen R. Covey's funeral

Dear Family, 

I wanted all of you to know how thankful we are for all of the help you have given us the last couple of days. We are so grateful that we live so close to family and that when we need help you are so quick to respond. I wanted all of you to know about the funeral proceedings. The Funeral will be held this Saturday at 1:00 pm at the UCCU center. It is the main meeting place on the Utah Valley College campus. There will be a viewing the night before from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the Oak Hills Stake Center (925 East North Temple Drive) in Provo. There will also be a viewing at 11:00 am until 12:45 pm at the UCCU center before the funeral. We would love to see you there. Jenny's dad was an amazing man who has touched so many peoples lives. He love him so much and will miss him immensely.  The UCCU center is right off the freeway. Take the University Parkway exit and it is directly to your left. 


Love,  Jason

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We had a great Valentine's Day and I thought I'd share it with you :)

Even though Elizabeth and Noah have been pretty sick, we made it a pretty fun day...starting out with heart-shaped pancakes with triple berry syrup and even some whipped cream, heart shaped sausage, dyed-red applesauce, and red cranberry juice. I also had a heart table cloth and little Valentine's on their plates for when they came downstairs for breakfast. They were sooooo excited, it was so cute!!!

I had bought them some new washable markers, so we made Valentines for each other and for some friends. I also bought little kits to make your own valentine candy necklaces, so we made necklaces (Elizabeth would put one candy bead on the string and then eat one, so her cany necklace was quite a bit shorter :) We did lots of puzzles, cut out paper hearts, and chased each other around.

We had heart-shaped PBJ and apples for lunch and spahetti with red sauce (and some other non-valentine stuff), but overall, it was a super fun day. I think the kids were pretty pooped by the end of the day and their poor eye infections, congestion, and coughs were majorly acting up by bedtime. But hopefully they'll sleep a little better than they have been after such a busy & fun day :)

It was so cute because while Elizabeth and Noah were taking a bath, Elizabeth pushed him and he bonked his head and was crying (she can be such a bully sometimes!) Anyway, Noah said, "Mom, my heart is all the way empty!" (That's what he says when he's really sad or angry). So, a little later after dinner, he was helping Ammon and I clean up the mess the kids had made in our room and he was in this great "helper" mood. He was doing so great and I kept telling him how happy I was that he was helping and how grateful I was for him. He stopped and said, "Mom, my heart is all the way full!" And he put his hands behind his back (to say that he's more full than even putting his arms straight out...but so full that they're all the way to his back :) I told him that when we help other people and when we're kind, it makes our hearts full of love. So, he runs over and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and says "Happy Valentine's Day!" I love things like that. Noah has one big "full" heart :-)

Hope you liked hearing about our little Valentine's Day and we hope yours was as great as ours!

Nat, Ammon, Noah, and Elizabeth :-)

P.S. I'm not quite sure how he knows about hearts being full or empty, but I just have to tell you that the first time it came up, Noah came up to me when he was really sad and angry and said, "My heart hurts because it's broken." I was kind of confused and asked if something hurt. He said, "No, my heart is broken because I feel so sad and angry!" Then he went on to say how it was breaking and what we could do to fix it! I was so surprised that I almost started laughing to hear this coming from Noah's mouth and have him be so serious about it! I think he even said something about how his heart might even be bleeding because it was so broken...I mean really, a 4 year old!?!?! We did fix his broken heart and we try to not let it break very often. But my oh my, that Noah is one little tender-heart!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FW: Isaac's e-mail from this week--new address

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 12:37:56 -0500
Subject: Re: busy...

  Well i got transfered so now i am in a different area. I am in Towson, just right outside Baltimore. I like it, really trashy and bummy.. but hey its sweet. I love the city and all the people. it is just amazing working with all of them and just experiencing everything. Actually today we are going downtown baltimore and checking out a few things. My new address is... 507 Kenilworth Dr. #T4 Towson 21204. i my new companion is good and wants to work hard so we are looking forward to some miricles here in the area.
   Well sounds like everything is going well with the family and some new things have happened. I am sure mir is in love with not having glasses and jack sounds pretty excited. haha Jordan will be alright, the Lord must have something planned, i think that is one thing i have learned here, as long as we are doing all that we can do.. the Lord with direct it like it should be and bless and build you were you need it.
    Welll i have alot of stories from this people cause we are teaching so many people, ha ha but i think there is this one lady that we taught the first day i was here that is really awesome. We went over and talked to her and taught her more about the restoraction and invited her to pray and read... then sunday we were trying to hit our goal of 20 lessons and so we were thinking who we could visit so i called janet up... she said that we could go over. so we went over and taukght a short lesson on faith and read some scriptures. she is so sweet. reading praying, and we have a lesson set up with her this week, with one of the members so we are hopeing that we can't put her on date or something. Problem is that she works on sunday.. so we are working with that. We have alot of poelple but they drink or aren't marrried or are, but there husband is in there country still or... i dont' know alot of stuff but it is fun and we are working hard here. i really couldn't ask for anything better then here. We have an awesome ward mission leader that just loves the work and just got off his mission so he is doing alot for us too. All is going well i hope that the family is all doing alright.! Tell everyone hello for me!
Elder Pitt

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Isaac's last e-mail

From: Joseph Pitt <>
Date: January 9, 2012 1:30:11 PM MST
To: Linda Pitt <>
Subject: Re: ABC's

mom and dad,
    everything is going really well here. just trying to work alittle harder and make sure that we are always doing what we are suppose to be doing. The weather has been perfect here. all of the days this past week we didn't even have to wear jackets cause it was so hot outside. It was really awesome. Well our President hasn't left yet i dont know what it going on with that i know that he is goin to be leaving this week so things will start changing around here soon, but they haven't yet. The branch we have yeah is the smallest, the members are really awesome and i have learned alot of Spanish from them so that is good. They finally started getting excited about the work and we are getting a few people to help us out and everything. so that is exciting. I have right now... 4 companionships in my district. so its not to big, kidda small actually compared to what i have had in the past. This week was a really good teaching week, and we saw alot of good miricles. Our new investagator, is sweet. So we went over to teach her and we talked about the restoration and read from the Book of Mormon. She really  felt the power of the Book of Mormon, and we all were edified by the wonderful Spirit. She committed to a baptism date, and to read. She struggled to say the closing prayer but we didn't give up on it, and she finally said the prayer. It was amazing and i love how when people pray for the first time with you. It is an amazing experience. So then we set up a time to go back and talk to her. We had one of the members go with us, and when we got to her house and began she just smiled and said that she read. So we started going through the part that we left her, and she told us that the other night she was reading and she just felt so good, and that this was true. That it applied so much to her own life, and that she just felt so good. We had our member bear testimony of how the Book of Mormon changed her life. She was a convert so it was a perfect testimony for our investigator. She also opened up to us really well, and told us that she didn't really want to leave all her family that are all catholic, and so she is having a hard time with making that changes and excepting all that we are there to teach her. She doesn't want to make everything a big deal with the family, and her husband. We are just trying to read more and more and increase her faith so that she can have the courage to make the change.
   We had problably 30 mins left for the night and we didn't really know what to do. We had tried by alot of people that day and nobody was home or answering so... we were just thinking of who we could call. Elder Braulio decided to call a person we met out on the street, we answered and said we could pass by. We went over and just started talking to him. He has alot of interest but he is stuck on having just the bible, but really wants to learn more so we are going to pass by this week to talk to him more and help him get into the Book of Mormon more. He has alot of potencial, but alot of questions, he wants like all the answers right now, but i think that he will start progress as soon as we teach him more about the Book of Mormon.
   Our one recent convert moved to California this week to get away from her husband and go live with her family. it was hard for us to see her go since we had worked so much with her, and for me, was my first baptism, but i know that it was the best thing for her to do. She needed a place where she could feel the spirit and progress in the gospel. So we had shared some scriptures and just bore testimonies with her. It was a good experience. Although right now we are having a hard time gettin a hold of her in California. So i don't know what is going on there.
      I know that i need to use the Book of Mormon more in my teaching and learn to use it alot more. I want to be like this missionary that just left. He could tell you everything that happens in every chapter of the Book of Mormon. We quized him on a bunch of things and he know the chapt and sometimes which verses... he was amazing he really did have a good knowledge of the gospel and everything that was in there. Something that has been helping me is memorizing scriptures. it helps alot!  Anyway all is going really well.
       I don't get interviewed that often here... i ahve only been interviewed every 3 months i think. I don't know i think it depends on every mission president. How is everything going, are there things that you have begun to start doing with the missionares like that i dont know what i am trying to get at, but have to got like all you meetings worked out and set in stone and how to work them and everything or is that still in the process. How are both of you doing? Holding up mom, i know that the Lord really does bless you alot and he is always there.
    Ha ha i was thinking of this the other day... you know how i wasn't obidient. like i hated that, and i always kinda wanted to do it my way and that everything would be alright and that i always told you to not worry about it. Ha ha right now, i hate when a missionary is not obident, and right now with my mission president, he is trying to help us increase our obidences so that we can recieve those miricles that are waiting. Cause the Lord has promised and has to bless us when we are doing what we are suppose to do. NOt always in the time we want or the way we want, but he has to bless you. Also there is a scripture in DC i think 58 that talks about how the Lord expects to be obiedient. And that he has created us to make our desicions and to do the right.
    Well that is all for me this week, things are getting better, i still don't think i am teaching very well but that comes with time, and the help of the Lord. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!
Elder Pitt

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FW: Happy thanksgiving indeed! (Isaacs last letter...)

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 15:01:00 -0500
Subject: Re: Happy thanksgiving indeed!

  Hery i sent a huge letter to mom and dad. here is part of it.....This week was rufff. Right now we have no one that we are teaching and we didn't find any new people this week. No one came to church and things are just looking a little slow. I have faith that there are people in the area and that we can find them... but we just havent yet. We taught a few lessons this week and all of them just i felt like didn't get the message. So i don't know if we aren't explaining and teaching to needs. Which is one weakness i know i have. I feel like it is hard to teach to needs. That and i didn't feel like the Spirit was there during the lessons and it is obvisous when they don't understand and you are trying to explain. There isn't too much i can think of. I decided that i don't understand the latin mind.... it is so different and they were raised so different i find it hard to relate. I mean they grew up in the streets... dads drinking... fiestas everyweekend.... not going to church... and all of them say i love to just hear the word of God.  Well hello what is the word of God??? in your eyes.... I just don't understand the thinking sometime. They have a hard time understanding that there is one one true church one correct way to follow God. It seems all the same to them. But i cant complain because i know there is missionaries in all there countries that are baptizing and doing everything like we should be able to do here. It will come. :)
    We me and my compainion had a talk about planning. When we have lessons he doesn't really like to plan. just our views are different on them and i know that it has to be resovled so that we can have the spirit. And we talked about it, but he just says that his head hurts and he doesn't want to talk about it anymore... so we don't plan to much for lessons. Well the lessons that we do have set up. It is just a process and we learn alot from everyone so it is good. :)
    This sunday though, the second counsler taught sunday school priesthoood and talked in sacrament meeting but i must say i learned alot this sunday and he talk  so well. Actually Priesthood this sunday was just us too missionaries and him. The topic was how to raise a daughter.... but he changed it alittle and made it into how to make a eternal companionship. It was good. he had stories from his mission which were so crazy and man. i just felt so good a church and i know that he was suppose to teach all three classes.
    We did have an amazing experience with a less active allen. Elder Weeks and I went over to see him. He had one of his friends over. He was english. So we just got talking and we asked Allen to get his scriptures. He was looking forever and couldn't find them. So as he was looking we started talking to his friend. He told us that religion wasn't for him and that he doesn't like talking about it. So i asked what do you mean religion isn't for you? He responded with that is a good question. He sat there thinking for a while and then he started telling us like he had been betrayed so many times, and now in his life he doesn't have any faith and he wants to get away from the people he is around and hang out with a better crowd. With people that love him. We started going with the restoraction. He seemed interested a little bit. We got to the life and Jesus Christ and the things that he taught and did.  Then i asked how would you feel if you could start over and start a new life. He replied that it would be amazing. So Elder weeks invited him to be baptized. He accepted for the 24 of december. He had a huge smile on his face. We just talked more about baptism and had the less active tell his story of when he got baptised. It really rekindled the flame inside of him and he got all excited too. The lesson was something else. The spirit was there bearing testimony to everything that we were talking about. At the end of the lesson we ask if he would pray he told us. I don't want to be rude but i don't want to pray out loud with everyone. Please respect that. Elder Weeks and I actually started to laugh and we told him Elder weeks can pray to show you how and then you can say one. After the prayer of Elder weeks we asked again. He finally said the prayer and it was perfect! One experience i wont forget.
     Everything is great here just pushing along and doing what we can. I have learned so much already and this experience is amazing!
 Well my time is up i hope that all is weel. I was able to eat this week with too family... couldn't work to much cause everyone was drunk but.. haha alright love you all!!
Love Elder Pitt

Monday, October 24, 2011


Well family, we finally got it worked out so that we can contribute to the blog...not sure what happened there for a while but it wouldn't let me in :)

Anyhow...where to start??? Things in Vegas are going great, it is finally cooling down a little bit but still not cold enough to really need a jacket (unless you go outside at like 3 in the morning).  Jenna has been busy taking care of the Will Man and being the best wife I could ever ask for.  She is really in to decorating the house but not really the conventional way...It usually starts out with her seeing a great idea online, then she tweaks it a bit (usually for the better), then comes the hunt to find all the parts and pieces, followed by some spraypaint, fabric, screws, nails, varnish, glue and most definitely some caulk to fill up all my mistakes with the saw.  In the end it always looks really good and I am amazed with the way she can just see things in her head and then VoilĂ ! a very cool custom piece of home decor.  My favorite part of it all is that I have had to really invest in some good tools, i mean they are really for her I just get to use them;)  While I am talking about Jenna I just thought I would mention that we have been battling some health issues with her lately.  For over a year now she has been getting this terrible heartburn and it has only gotten worse.  When she gets it really bad, it basically makes her unable to much of anything as it hurts even up into her ears and head (yeah I know, real weird).  Anyhow, we have gone to multiple doctors and she is going in for a x-ray/catscan type ordeal tomorrow so hopefully the doctor will finally give us some indication as to how to treat it.  Until now his best suggestion is to take our her gallbladder but said that even that might not help much.  The only thing that is giving her some bit of relief is drinking aloe vera juice (which was not doctor prescribed by the way...Jordy I think you need to change the medical industry as I feel like I spent a large amount of money for very poor service and then find a little remedy online that points me to the nearest whole foods to buy aloe vera juice...seriously).  Anyhow, the reason for telling you this is that modern medicine can't seem to find a cure but I am sure some good prayer could do the trick.  Amongst your list of people and things to pray for, fee free to add Jenna to that list.

On a happier note, this weekend we are throwing a murder mystery Halloween get together with 6 other couples from our ward.  It is kind of a scary circus theme and Jenna is going to be the clown and I am the FBI agent.  We are really excited as we think this will finally be a way to meet some of the other young couples in the ward.  She we were banished to the nursery, we basically haven't met anyone.

Work for me is going great.  We have about five times more projects that we did last year at this time and at a time when some companies are going out of business, we are hireing.  We have added about 5 employees to the office and another 5 or so in the field so things are looking pretty good.  We picked up a project today and are bidding another on Wednesday.  I have already turned in 5 proposals this month, and have two more to go out tomorrow.  Needless to say this month has been BUSY and I think Jenna will be happy to have her husband back come November.

So the last (but definitely not least) member of our little family, WILL.  What a character he is turning out to be.  He is a very fun and smart little kid and I really love playing around with him.  We recently enrolled him in a little soccer class for 2-3 year olds at the indoor soccer place so you can imagine how excited I am.  Along with being sporty, he is also pretty artsy and Jenna always has fun things for him to do.  Since you probably haven't even gotten this far down the page...i am getting a little lengthy on this post, I will just finish with a couple of pictures.

 This is one of Will's favorite outdoor activities...sidewalk painting.
 Will often gets caught eating straight butter.  He called it cheese for a while but just can't get enough of the stuff.
 Thinking about selling these works of art on Ebay.
 A little Father Son bonding as I tried to teach Will how to build a computer.
And finally...Some guy in Jenna's Parent's ward has some old fire engines and will got the chance to go play on them...HE LOVES CARS:) 

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Which Blog???

Hey Miriam (or whoever else knows...),

Which blog do you want us to post on...the Pitt Blog or the Pitt Periodical Blog, or both?  Just want to make sure I post on the blog(s) that the family is reading :) And that I'm reading the blog that others are posting on.


P.S.  Ammon and I will let you know soon about the gingerbread/talent show info...we're still talking about dates.  Does it matter if it's on a weekday or a weekend since it will be during a school break?  And is afternoon when it works best for everyone or do you usually do it in the after dinner?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Johnson Update

I suppose we are past due in writing to the pitt periodical. So a quick update on our family, the crazy life we live and more! Travis has been traveling the globe and racking up more miles, and lots of spare toothbrushes and pens from different hotels. We miss him terribly, but are trying to be patient as he works out a few things with work that will hopefullly bring him home to us a little more in the future. Here's to hoping! He is the favorite in the bishopric when it comes to conducting...all the ladies think he is charming and refreshing. This we already knew! Tanner, our big 9th grader is doing great in school and having fun with his favorite class, madrigals, and meeting lots of new friends, one of which is named Jessie, you should ask him about her?!!! Marshall has spent the last 4 months healing in one way or another, but he is in the thick of pt for his thumb, and hopefully after that we are in the clear for a while. Collar bone, facial fractures, and tendon in the thumb are all doing fine. It hasn't stopped him from loving Jr. high. He is wanted with the ladies, and real cool cat with just about everyone. None of us are surprised, right?! KJ (Kymble's official nickname) is the leading scorer for his soccer team, they took first in the mayor's cup and he loves being in 5th grade with Maddy and Hunter. They are all so smart, that teacher is lucky to have a dynamic "pitt" trio! He keeps us laughing and is very smart! Kennahdy just turned 9 and I had a small melt-down because of it! Its hard to see your baby grow up and be nothing like a baby. She is beautiful and helpful, and so much fun. She is also in a pitt trio at school and loving dance with Miss(aunt) Jenn and soccer with lydia and best friend Libby. (they also won the mayor's cup)
As far as me. Well, trying to survive being a travel's widow most of the time, and a mission's orphan, has it's challenges, but all in all, life is good, and compared to most in the world, I would have to say that I am living the dream. That's my new motto! Feel free to use if you find yourself in a crazy time of life and wish you could have a different'll soon find out, after taking a good hard look, you are living the dream. And it's a good one.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Apologies, I've been hacked

To all,
I am sorry that some of you received an email from my account that looked fishy.  I'm not sure how this happens, but it sure makes me angry.  In the future, know that my emails will have a valid looking subject to them.  If it looks odd at all, please don't open it up.  Also, if anyone has any ideas on how to go about fixing the problem, please let me know.